Media-Cation® was founded in 2007 with the purpose of educating communities, children, and young adults through the creation and distribution of all forms of multimedia. Our mission is to continue building networks of communities that produce and support positive creative arts, music, and media products. Media-Cation® Foundation, Inc. relies on a group of skilled writers, artists, musicians, audio-visual engineers, facilitators, and educators who have exhibited a great deal of expertise in their respective fields and share our vision.

We introduced the word Media-Cation® in 1997. The value of the word itself was evident to us, but it took a few years for us to develop our original concept into the vision we now hold dear. 

Media. Education. Modification. 

Media-Cation® Foundation is modifying the methods of media influences that ultimately affect the social education of our children. Music and entertainment, combined with education and exposure, affect the behaviors of our children, teens, and young adults. Negative multimedia messages and a shortage of access to strong academic tools, often lead to youth violence and delinquency. It is our duty to take a proactive approach in preventing these dangerous results. We are strengthening communities via workshops, classes, and projects.