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Media-Cation is providing artists and writers the opportunity to create and promote positive, high-quality media projects for distribution.


Media-Cation® is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity providing communities the opportunity to create and promote high-quality media projects for distribution. 

Media-Cation® gives professional music, film, design, advertising, creative writing, and entertainment artists the opportunity to work with the community and to eventually profit from their talents.

Please Note: Without exception, All Media-Cation® artists and project participants must promote an environment that is (and will remain) profanity-free and drug-free.

Our projects focus on positive art and multimedia creation (producing intellectual property, including, but not limited to audio/visual art, music, literature, and other multimedia forms). Original productions and compositions (books, songs, educational materials, audio and video recordings, arts & crafts, and digital art).

Why are we holding auditions? We are gathering local music and media professionals together to produce music projects "from scratch". We will choose the artists, find out their ideas and needs for their personal music project goals, and match them up with our current projects. We don't sell dreams. We don't make promises. We don't charge you fees. 

Current trends: DFW is one of the toughest markets for promoting original music and creating an organic following. Most of the fans of original music in the Metroplex - are actually artists themselves (bands supporting bands, instead of fans supporting bands). Additionally, social media arenas strongly promote cover tune performances. This trend makes it difficult for many artists to focus on their own original productions.

Media-Cation's CLEAN AIRWAVES program is our solution to the issue. 

What is our agenda? To saturate communities with positive music and media projects that are family-friendly, while providing artists with an audience and a platform to showcase their talents - without compromising themselves. 


Our audition process is very informal. Do not "dress to impress" (dress conservatively - we provide a family friendly environment).

Do not stress about having "the look". We are ONLY interested in vocal talent (just relax and sing).

Auditions will be recorded and photographed for our news updates and sites.

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