Attention Artists and Writers

Media-Cation® is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity providing communities the opportunity to create and promote high-quality media projects for distribution. The Foundation's purpose is to provide a safe environment for children and young adults while providing an educational environment.

Our programs strive to provide a platform that enables its participants to recognize their artistic creativity while empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. We also aid organizations with marketing projects and hold workshops, fund raisers, charity drives, concerts, and conferences.

Media-Cation® gives professional music, film, design, advertising, creative writing, and entertainment artists the opportunity to work with the community, profit from their talents, and have their works published and nationally distributed.

We are searching for the best!!

Please Note: Without exception, All Media-Cation® artists and project participants must promote an environment that is (and will remain) profanity-free and drug-free.

Our programs focus on positive art and multimedia creation (producing intellectual property, including, but not limited to audio/visual art, music, literature, and other multimedia forms).

In 2017-18, we are updating our large database of qualified freelance artists (writers, designers, musicians, singers, bands, etc.) for upcoming Media-Cation® Publishing projects. Select individuals will be given multiple projects to be completed for distribution.

We are interested in original productions and compositions (books, songs, educational materials, audio and video recordings, arts & crafts, and digital art).

Criminal Background Checks are required for ANY individual planning to work for or with Media-Cation® Foundation, Inc., in any capacity.

We are searching for the best!! Apply Now for freelance opportunities.