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Mediacation. Media-Cation Meetup is providing artists and writers the opportunity to create and promote positive, high-quality media projects for distribution.

Media-Cation Meetup

Media-Cation® is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity providing communities the opportunity to create and promote high-quality media projects for distribution. 

Media-Cation® gives professional music, film, design, advertising, creative writing, and entertainment artists the opportunity to work with the community and to profit from their talents.

Please Note: Without exception, All Media-Cation® artists and project participants must promote an environment that is (and will remain) profanity-free and drug-free.

Our projects will focus on positive art and multimedia creation (producing intellectual property, including, but not limited to audio/visual art, music, literature, and other multimedia forms). Original productions and compositions (books, songs, educational materials, audio and video recordings, arts & crafts, and digital art).

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