Our Programs. Your Location.

If you would like to provide creative programs that will increase the participation of your community's residents, motivate students, and generate positive behavior... 

Media-Cation® works!

Positive multimedia messages are usually not as attractive to young audiences as the negative, because the negative messages tend to be:

  • Easily accessible
  • Well-produced/Directed
  • Catchy
  • Represented by people with whom they can or would like to relate
  • Current in dialect and fashion

Our projects and programs reflect the aforementioned characteristics.

Media-Cation's approach to producing art, music, design, and media helps to build confidence and generates an appreciation for learning.

The students participating in our programs enjoy developing concepts for projects, submitting materials/content, and performing tasks necessary for completion.

Media-Cation® Programs:

Create Creators™ - Creating without imitating.

Sound Phonics and Literacy - Phonetic sound... from a sound curriculum.

Clean Airwaves™ - What is planted, will grow. Media-Cation® cultivates clean multimedia materials.

DeCarlo Photographic Arts™ - Picture a clear future.

Children's Choral - Singing is a gateway to successful public speaking.

Music As A First Language - Every sound is music... every movement is a song.

Health and Fitness - Healthy children become healthy adults.