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What is Tune Croon all about?

Our Agenda  
Promoting family friendly, 100% KID-SAFE entertainment.  
Introducing creative artists to paid venues, new fans, and other musicians. 

Looking for the right musicians to complete your music or media projects? They're here!  

Need to hire a singer or a band to perform at your event? They're right here! 

Want to connect with fans of original music? Guess what. They're here too! 

So what's not at Tune Croon? 
Cover tunes are never allowed here. 
Profane content is never allowed. 
Songs or images promoting ignorance are never allowed. 
Changing our format or content to promote any agenda other than our own? Never. 

Wait a minute. What's wrong with Cover Songs? 

Absolutely nothing at all. There is a time and place for everything - but this isn't it.
We believe in providing a format where true creativity is appreciated.  
Every second a songwriter spends learning a cover song that everybody already knows... is one second that talented writer just spent covering up his or her own message. 
Take that second as your opportunity to exercise independent thought - in fact, Tune Croon will give you 90 seconds.   
A song is a form of conversation and natural conversations don't sound manufactured, nor do they have genres.
We want to hear what YOU have to say! The way YOU want to say it!

Visit Tune Croon™